Spa Facial
Preserve our DNA treatment
A powerful treatment that is an antioxidant, anti-toxic and anti-elastase to protect the tissues, and helps healing and stimulating the synthesis of proteglycans and collages to promote tissue regeneration.

Fresh caviar treatment
The core axes of the line that are 'hydration, nutrition and firming' have been included in this facial in three successive steps intp bringing about an in depth stimulation of cell metabolism and infuse the essential nutrients to maintain a younger looking skin.

Lifting and slimming treatment
Make your skin 10 years younger in just 42 days!!! Our treatment allows to work on 2 major problems: draining and slimming (Cheeks double chin) as well as tissue firming up to have new face contours visibly and rapidly.

Truly regenerating treatment
This treatment is aimed at women willing to offer their skin a fundamental avant-garde treatment capable of re-launching its youthful mechanisms.

Botu 'VIP' treatment
A non-surgical alternative to reduce deep wrinkles. This treatment makes it possible to locally inhibit the factors responsible for skin tensions to correct wrinkles without traumatizing injections.

Ultra-sensitive skin treatment
Nourishing and reparative. This treatment soothes irritation, reduces diffuse reel blotches and restores the physiological balance of the skin to reestablish its full self-defense capacities. Your skin visibly changes: nourished and regenerated deep down, its beauty is finally restored.

Medi-skin care treatment is designed for all women aged 20 to 45 years whose skin in subject to chronic dehydration due to cyclic hormonal variations.

Dry skin treatment
This new skin care method by drawing inspiration from the clinical acts of the Nobel Prize in chemistry. A true technological innovation.

Eye zone treatment
For anti-wrinkles:
Very quickly nourishes and fills in fine lines smoothly the skin almost instantaneously.

For anti-dark circles:
Immediately lightens dark circles that are clearly visible.

For anti-swelling:
The anti-water draining action of redulite is felt very quickly. Micro-circulation is improved. Swelling is reduced and the skin decongested providing an immediate sensation of wellbeing.

Morpho Bust Treatment:
A complete revitalizing treatment of the decollete and bust with targeted actions on the size of the breasts as well as on stretch marks and microcapillaries for better support of the bust.

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