Eyelash extensions
Full Set (about 300 lashes)                                          $250 - 2-hour appointment
Half-Set (about 150 lashes)                                         $150 - 1.25 hour appointment
Touch-ups                                                                        $50 - approximately 30 minutes

Please call for our full price selection and treatment alternatives.

Welcome to the glamorous look!

A woman's look is the ultimate seduction weapon. For most women, that's not new news! Eyelashes add depth and lush to a woman's features.

Eyelash extensions methods are numerous, but they often dash your hopes. After many years of laboratory research, Misencil® offers a product that you will not find anywhere else. Indeed, Misencil® is the very first company worldwide to take advantage of the French cosmetology know how and standards to give you the glamorous look that could change your life.

Results from a Misencil® survey show that 90% of women who tried Misencil® eyelash extensions can't do without them!

With its innovative and revolutionary collection, Misencil? gives you exactly the look that you want!

Have longer and thicker eyelashes permanently! The Misencil® method answers every woman's need to look and feel good in a healthy way.
During the procedure, you will be asked to fill out a questionnaire and determine-- with the guidance of a technician-- the curve, thickness, colour, and length of your dream eyelashes. You will also pick a shape for your extensions ( natural or sophisticated). When the application is over, we will share with you the Misencil® recommendations for daily care.

With Misencil®, GLAMOUR... means YOU!

Care and Maintenance
Misencil® eyelash extensions are a breeze to maintain
- Avoid greasy or oil-based products on and around the eyes

During the first 2 hours:
- make sure your eyelash extensions stay dry and avoid shower steam. - do not use a sauna or steam room. - do not brush your eyelashes. - do not put makeup on your eyes.

Misencil® products have been specifically formulated to protect your eyelash extensions.

Misencil® recommends, in priority:
- the Cleansing Gel in the morning and at night. This product was specially developed to protect your eyelash extensions.
- the Long Lasting Protector. This product will seal your extensions and extend their lifespan.

For even more effectiveness, use:
- the Revitaliser - gloss care. A unique base formula that contains keratin and panthenol to reinforce your natural eyelashes.
- the Mascara for a sophisticated and dramatic look
- the Eyelash Heater every morning for a fresh look

- use an eyelash curler device
- pull or rub your eyelashes
- use greasy or oil-based eye products

For spectacular results:
Misencil? recommends an appointment for your first touch-up within 2 weeks following the initial procedure, and every 4 weeks on average thereafter.

Q & A

Some questions you might want to ask us...

1 "What happens during an eyelash extensions application?"
When performed by the Pearl Spa technician, this procedure is safe, painless, and relaxing. You will be asked to lie down and close your eyes. First, the technician will put Coenzyme Q10 anti-wrinkle patches to protect, smooth and brighten up the eye contour. Then, she will apply the extensions directly on your natural lashes while avoiding contact with the epidermis. Your look will be radiant and ...glamorous.

2 "What is the duration of a procedure, and how long will my Misencil? extensions last?"
Two hours is required for a full application, and the results are immediate and spectacular. You will enjoy longer and thicker eyelashes at last! Take note however that your natural lashes have a mean lifespan of 60 days as new lashes are always coming out. That is why touch-ups are recommended every 4 weeks on average to maintain the fullness of your eyelashes. A touch-up procedure lasts about 30 minutes and is meant to replace the natural lashes you lost.

3 "Will the application be harmful to my natural lashes?"
This new technique is not harmful to natural eyelashes. Extensions are applied on eyelashes one by one--- without touching the skin--- with a unique quick-drying glue developed exclusively for eyelash extensions.

4 "I once had extensions using another method, but my eyelashes were clumpy and did not last long. Why?"
There are 4 probable reasons for that:

Technician qualifications vary widely
Pearl Spa is a top Misencil? method practitioner with many years of experience.

Quality of glue varies
Misencil® - water resistant with unique polymerizing and adhesive qualities commonly used by health professionals to reconnect tissues as an alternative to sutures and also used for ophthalmic surgical procedures.
Misencil® glue was chosen by Pearl Spa as it was exclusively developed for eyelash extensions application and it works.

Quality of Eyelashes
Misencil eyelashes are applied one by one and stay in place perfectly. Lash sections are too heavy and fall out easily. Each Misencil eyelash extension is coated with a microtexture for better adhesion. In fact, our exclusive ELLIPSE eyelashes are pre-curved and follow perfectly the natural shape of your lashes for a fresh, radiant look.

Quality of products
Misencil® is the only brand to offer a comprehensive line of cosmetic products that are exclusively developed for the care and maintenance of eyelash extensions. To optimize the lifespan of your permanent eyelashes, daily care is essential.

5 "Misencil speaks of 'permanent' lashes, whereas other brands offer 'semi-permanent' lashes. What is the difference between the two? "
Just like your hair, eyelashes grow and fall out. In fact, we loose between 10 and 15 lashes every month. The term 'semi-permanent' refers to eyelash extensions that fall out before natural lashes do so. On the other hand, if the eyelash extension stays perfectly in place during the entire lifespan of the natural lash (60 days on average), 'permanent' is the appropriate word to use.

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